UN guards prevent Israeli evidence of pro-Hitler UN teachers

Israeli envoy Gilad Erdan criticized the move as preventing his freedom of expression and “hiding the truth from the UN.”

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

United Nations guards did not allow Israel’s U.S. and U.N. ambassador to bring in proof to a General Assembly meeting of the anti-Israel nature of many teachers employed by UNRWA, the organization’s agency that is in charge of Palestinian relief efforts, including running hundreds of schools throughout the Arab world.

Ambassador Gilad Erdan had a poster picturing Hitler along with UNRWA educators’ approving statements regarding the Nazi leader and other anti-Semitic quotes taken from their social media accounts.

Erdan had wanted to show it as part of his demand that the agency be “held accountable” by the international community for failing to adhere to the humanitarian values of the U.N.

He was stopped at the door and told he would not be able to enter with it. When questioned by The Jerusalem Post, a U.N. spokesperson said that ambassadors are not allowed to use props when they speak. This protocol does not apply to heads of state.

Former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu famously used posters for several years running to accompany his anti-Iran speeches at opening sessions of the General Assembly.

Erdan criticized the move when he subsequently made his speech.

“I brought here with me a photo of an UNRWA teacher’s post glorifying the most horrific mass murderer in history, Adolf Hitler,” he said. “Unfortunately, shockingly, I was prevented from bringing in this photo in order to share this proof with the other distinguished ambassadors here.”

“I see it as a very dangerous precedent here, preventing my freedom of expression, preventing my freedom of speech and basically hiding the truth from the U.N. But, I will continue to fight for the truth,” he continued.

The poster represented more than 100 staffers in UNRWA schools who have glorified violence against Israel, supported the Hamas terrorist group and advocated against Jews in their social media accounts, as documented by U.N. Watch. No teacher has yet been fired from the agency despite the evidence that has been provided regarding their blatant anti-Semitism, the NGO said.

Erdan spoke after UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini reported to the assembly on the activities of his agency and strongly defended the education being provided to Palestinian children.

“I am deeply proud of our education system and its resources. UNRWA uses host country curricula in line with best practices in refugee education,” he said, calling attacks on the system “politically motivated.”

“We review all host country textbooks to identify passages that are not in line with UN principles or values. Any passages that praise violence, whatever the context, are knocked out.”

Erdan specifically disputed the latter claim, saying, “Textbooks used in UNRWA schools have glorified terrorists, called Jews Satan’s helpers and display maps that erase Israel.”

On his Twitter account after the meeting, Erdan wrote, “The UNRWA Commissioner-General said here that he is proud of his teachers. I did not allow his lies to remain unanswered.”