Palestinian terrorist blows himself up preparing explosives

A bomb that went off prematurely in the Shu’afat Refugee Camp in Jerusalem critically injured one person.

By: World Israel News Staff

A bomb that was in the process of being prepared in an apartment at the Shu’afat refugee camp in Jerusalem exploded prematurely late Wednesday night, causing a massive explosion.

One person was critically injured in the explosion and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Israel Police found further explosive material at the site of the blast.

Police forces arrested eight suspects and took them for questioning.

“The Israel Police will continue to investigate and act openly and covertly against all those involved and possessing explosive material intended for the preparation of explosive devices,” the police stated.

Police forces leaving the site of the explosion were confronted by rioters and used crowd-dispersal means against them. No injuries were reported in the clashes, a Jerusalem Police spokesman said.

The police did not say if the incident was terrorism or criminal related.