Madrid restaurant accuses Israelis of ‘murdering children’

Vegan eatery that bans Israelis claims to be an “anti-racist safe space.”

By World Israel News Staff

A vegan restaurant in Madrid posted a sign stating that “Zionists” are not welcome and officially declared itself a “anti-Zionist zone,” in a move evocative of Nazi-era policies that banned Jews from businesses in Germany.

On its website, La Oveja Negra Vegana declares itself to be a “safe space created for all people who have been marginalized and oppressed,” and that they work to create an atmosphere “based on mutual support, solidarity and respect.”

But apparently, the welcoming environment for ethnic minorities and other groups who have suffered historical oppression does not include Israelis, Jews, or those who believe that the Jewish state has a right to exist.

“A vegan friend who ate at the restaurant last week told me about the sign, so yesterday we went there to find out what the story was,” Ben Yahav-Nevat, an Israeli expat who has lived in Spain for nearly a decade, told Hebrew-language media outlet Ynet.

“I went in and asked why they hung that sign there, and an employee came and started yelling at us. I told them I was a proud Zionist and told them it was a racist, antisemitic sign and that they should remove it.”

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Yahav-Nevat said in response, the restaurant’s staff “shouted at us and accused us of murdering children.”

On Instagram, La Oveja Negra Vegana doubled-down on their anti-Israel stance, posting a story which explicitly stated that people “who don’t recognize what is happening in Palestine as genocide” should “not enter our doors.”

The story urged Spain to end trade and diplomatic relations with Israel, along with the phrase “Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people!”

Users on social media platform X reacted to a photo of the restaurant’s anti-Israel signs, noting the similarities between the restaurant declaring itself a “Zionist-free zone” and Holocaust-era businesses banning Jews from entry.

“This is giving 1930s vibes,” wrote one user in response to the photo.