Prominent Gaza doctor imprisoned Israeli hostages

Three of the four Israeli captives freed from Gaza were held in the home of a prominent local doctor.

By World Israel News Staff

A prominent doctor from the central Gaza Strip aided the Hamas terrorist organization by imprisoning three Israeli captives taken hostage on October 7th, a new report by The Wall Street Journal claims.

According to the Journal, three Israeli men taken hostage from the Nova music festival outside of Re’im on October 7th – Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv – were held prisoner by Ahmad Aljamal in his home in the central Gaza city of Nuseirat.

The three captives were rescued by a 28-member Israeli special forces team during an undercover operation on June 8th.

Aljamal’s home, which was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike shortly after commandos exited the building with the three freed captives, was also home to Abdullah Aljamal, Ahmad’s son, a 37-year-old journalist for Al Jazeera.

Ahmad, Abdullah, and Abdullah’s wife, Fatma, were all killed during the dramatic rescue operation which led to the recovery of the three hostages.

The Wall Street Journal report backs claims made by the Israeli military that the Aljamal family held the three captives in their home.

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Al Jazeera denied the reports, claiming it had no ties to Abdullah Aljamal.

“This man is not from Al Jazeera, and he did not work for Al-Jazeera at all, and he is not listed as working for Al Jazeera neither now nor in the past,” said the network’s Jerusalem bureau chief Omar al-Walid.

“We do not know him, and all the rumors that have been spread are empty of content and not true at all.”

The IDF later contradicted Al Jazeera‘s claims, however, saying that the agency’s journalist had indeed been holding Israelis captive in his home.

“’Journalist’ Abdallah Aljamal was a Hamas terrorist holding Almog, Andrey and Shlomi hostage in his family’s home in Nuseirat,” the IDF tweeted in response to Al Jazeera’s statement.

“No press vest can make him innocent of the crimes he has committed. Al Jazeera what’s this terrorist doing on your website?”