Israeli hitchikers narrowly escape terrorist gunshots at point-blank range

A jam in the terrorist’s M-16 prevented him from shooting 3 Israeli hitchhikers while he looked them in the face.

By World Israel News staff

Shova Cohen barely escaped death when she was waiting for a bus near Efrat earlier this month, after a car of terrorists tried but failed to shoot her and two others.

A Shin Bet investigation found that the terrorists were part of a larger cell who planned on carrying out more attacks.

“I was with two other religious men at a bus stop, when a car coming in our direction slowed down. We leaned in to ask them where they were going when one of the men recognized the gun and shouted, ‘terrorist! He has a gun!'” Cohen told Israel National News (INN).

Cohen took cover, waiting to hear a gunshot, but a jam in the terrorist’s M-16 prevented him from shooting her and the two others at point-blank range.

One of the Jewish men stood up and ran after the car to read the license plate, but there was no one in the vehicle. The group then left to notify security guards.

“When I got to the gate at Efrat I had yet to comprehend what had happened. I started to cry from confusion, but the security guard reassured me ‘this is a miracle, God loves you, you should not cry,'” Cohen told INN.

Later that evening she and the two men went to testify at a nearby police station. They were presented with a photo of a vehicle, which was immediately identified as that of the terrorists who tried to shoot them.

The group of terrorists were captured the next day and found to be apart of a larger cell.

Cohen said that despite it being a long and tedious investigation, it was not in vain.