Palestinian terror continues over weekend, including attack by teen disguised as ‘candy vendor’

The weekend saw no signs of terror attacks against Israelis abating, as Palestinians carried out attacks across the country, including one from a teen dressed as a candy vendor. 

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Palestinian terrorists continued with the wave of terror attacks throughout the weekend, leaving a four year old girl suffering from burn wounds.

On Saturday, Israeli security forces shot and killed a Palestinian terrorist who tried to stab them.

The incident took place at the Gilboa crossing between Israel and the Jordan valley. The terrorist tried to stab security personnel at the spot, who opened fire and shot him. No Israelis were harmed.

The terrorist was identified as Muhammad Zakarnah, a 16-year-old Palestinian. He was reportedly disguised as a candy vendor before he committed his attack.

Big.-Gen. (ret.) Kamil Abu Rokun, head of the Crossing Authority in the Ministry of Defense, lauded the security personnel for their prompt and professional response, which prevented innocent victims.

On Friday an IDF soldier was injured in a stabbing attack near Gush Etzion. The terrorist was shot in the leg and arrested. The soldier was evacuated to a hospital in Jerusalem for treatment.

Later on Friday, five members of an Israeli were injured after a firebomb was thrown at their car near Beit El. One of the victims, a four-year-old girl was moderately wounded, with second and third degree burns all over the back part of her body. The others were lightly wounded.

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The mother, who was lightly wounded in this attack, was a victim of another terror attack in 1994. Two Palestinian terrorists infiltrated her home in Neve Dekalim in the Gaza Strip and stabbed her multiple times in the upper body. She was moderately wounded, and has subsequently recovered from her wounds. The two terrorists were shot on site by civilians.

Palestinians rioted at several points throughout Judea and Samaria.

These Palestinian terror attacks are just the latest in a wave of violence that began in mid-September. In the past five weeks, 10 Israelis have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists. In total, Palestinians carried out 41 stabbings, four shootings and five vehicular attacks.