Israel Northern Border

WATCH: Israel on alert on northern border

Tuesday marked 12 years to the day that the Second Lebanon War ended, and trouble is brewing again on that border, with the war in Syria creating a whole new set of security challenges.
Hezbollah chief Nassan Hasrallah

Nasrallah says Hezbollah stronger than IDF

Since 2006, the 'Zionist entity' has been deterred, Hezbollah's leader claims, adding that Tel Aviv has been trying to build up its military capabilities 'in view of its defeat in 2006.'
UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. (screenshot)

Corbyn shown at Holocaust-denier’s wedding

Corbyn's latest controversy is connected to his attendance at the wedding of a Palestinian diplomat who was subsequently accused of Holocaust denial, according to a report in the Daily Mail.
Members of Hamas in Gaza City

Opinion: UN enables Hamas war machine

A ceasefire may sound like a good idea, but in Gaza it sends a message to terrorist factions that bombardment of Israel is rewarded with economic and humanitarian projects funded by the UN.