CPAC Trump

Trump the dominant force at conservative CPAC conference

"Donald J. Trump ain't going anywhere," said Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, one of several potential 2024 presidential contenders who spoke at the event, being held this year in Orlando to bypass COVID-19 restrictions. ...
February 27, 2021
Virus Outbreak Palestinians

Amid corona surge, Palestinians announce 12-day lockdown

While the Palestinian Authority spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year paying terrorists to kill and maim Israeli civilians, it has secured a paltry amount of corona vaccine for the population it rules.
February 27, 2021
Mohammed Dahlan

Abbas rival woos Gazans with corona vaccines

Mohammed Dahlan called the vaccine shipment a 'generous grant' from the UAE, which appeared to be aimed in part at embarrassing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
February 22, 2021